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  • gemsdiptapealloy_large

    Gems Alloy Diptape Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Gems Alloy Diptape

    Gems® type Alloy DIPTAPE indicators are available in rugged brass or stainless steel units ideal for use in water and oils. Select these units for best temperature and pressure capabilities.

  • gems-led-suresite

    Gems LED SureSite Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Gems LED Suresite

    Gems® LED SureSite is a versatile visual level indicator and continuous level transmitter in one product. It is built to withstand constant vibration and shock while operating and every unit can withstand freezing temperatures, rain storms, and wash downs. These indicators excel where zero and low ambient light make visual indicators difficult to read.

  • gemsdiptapepvc_large

    Gems PVC Diptape Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Gems PVC Diptape

    Gems® type PVC DIPTAPE indicators are ideal for chemical storage tanks and provide one of the best values for liquid level monitoring. These light duty versions are recommended for use in calm liquids and ambient temperature and pressure levels.

  • gemssuresitehp_large

    Gems Suresite High Performance Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Gems High Performance

    Gems® type SureSite High Performance indicators are designed to meet the requirements of ASME B31.1/B31.3. For the most demanding applications, these indicators feature ANSI flanges and fittings and construction to rigorous ASME standards.

  • gemssuresitemini_large

    Gems Suresite Mini Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Gems Suresite Mini

    Gems® type SureSite Mini indicators feature a diameter of only 1¼” and are perfect for tight spaces. They can replace existing, antiquated sight glasses for excellent external, visual liquid level indication. They are ideal for use with clean, low viscosity liquids. Typical applications include pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food and beverages, semiconductor manufacturing, and boilers.

  • gemssuresiteplastic_large

    Gems Suresite Plastic Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Gems Suresite Plastic

    Gems® type SureSite Plastic indicators have a 2″ Schedule 80 pipe design that is ideal for use on chemical storage tanks, or with almost any liquid where temperature and pressure requirements are moderate. All SureSite indicators feature the same patented flag and guide assemblies used on our alloy versions, so you can be assured of excellent visibility and long-life reliability.

  • gemssuresitestd_large

    Gems Suresite Standard Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Gems Suresite Standard

    Gems® type SureSite Standard indicators feature rugged, welded construction. These 2½” (63.5mm) diameter alloy indicators are dependable over a long service life indoors and out.

  • koboldnbkindicator_large

    Kobold NBK Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Kobold NBK

    Kobold® type NBK bypass level indicators are used for continuous measurement, display, and monitoring of liquid levels. The bypass tube is attached to the side wall of the tank. They are commonly used for storage tanks, tanks on ships, agitator vessels, and water tanks.

  • koboldnbk04indicator_large

    Kobold NBK-04 Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Kobold NBK-04

    Kobold® type NBK-04 tank-top mounted level indicators combine the rugged simplicity of the NBK series bypass level indicators with above-tank liquid level indication. They are used for continuous indication, transmission, and monitoring of tank levels. A sealed float inside the tank is connected to a magnetic carrier in the indicating tube. The magnetic carrier operates magnetic roller indicators on the local level display as well as optional adjustable level switches and level transmitter. The magnetic carrier is located within the measuring tube and operates the level indicator, switches, and transmitters in a non-contacting fashion.

  • koboldnbkmindicator_large

    Kobold NBK-M Level Indicator

    Manufacturer Series
    Kobold NBK-M

    Kobold® type NBK-M mini bypass level indicators provide many of the unique features of the standard NBK Series bypass level indicators but at a fraction of the cost. Similar to the full-sized NBK, the NBK-M uses Kobold’s ring magnet float design, allowing the user full flexibility in adding roller indicators, switches, and other options almost anywhere on the periphery of the bypass tube. The use of lighter gauge materials and a streamlined manufacturing process makes the NBK-M a very economical choice for lower pressure and short length level measuring applications.