5 Reasons Digital Pressure Gauges Are Used More Than Ever

Digital pressure gauges have been around for decades, but until recently, they have become more relevant in industrial, laboratories, and testing applications than ever before.   So, why the change?

Here are a few reasons why digital pressure gauge usage has surged.

1.) Cost – The cost of digital gauges has dropped dramatically over the last 5-7 years.  In the past, one might expect to pay around $300-$400 for a standard digital gauge with basic features.  At that price, it didn’t really merit switching from mechanical gauges that could be purchased around $20.  However, now due to technology and more efficient production, digital gauges can be purchased as low as $125 for high accuracy units or as a low as $15 for a real basic digital gauge.

2.) Availability – With costs being lower and usage going up, many digital gauges are being stocked in standard configurations instead of being made-to-order.  This allows customers to have easier access and quicker deliveries on these products.

3.) Point-of-Reference Display – Its much easier to get an accurate reading by looking at a digital display instead of an analog dial.  Think about looking at a mechanical clock vs. a digital clock.  The reading is clear and concise.  There is no “fudge factor” in the reading.

4.) Special Features – Digital pressure gauges can also come with additional features like:

  •  4/20mA outputs
  • numerous scale readings
  • max and min readings
  • data logging
  • no moving parts = more durability than mechanical gauges

5.) They’re Better  – Digital pressure gauges are overall just flat out better than mechanical gauges.  They’re more accurate in most cases, readings are easier to get, 4/20mA outputs are available, and digital gauges are more durable.

One thing is for sure, digital gauges aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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