Benefits of Wireless I/O Modules for Industrial Communication

If you’re looking for an efficient solution to your complex industrial communication needs, now is the time to discover remote I/O module technology. From large scale facility monitoring, oil and gas transportation, plant energy management, water and waste/water management and more, I/O modules can save money while transferring necessary signals to hard-to-reach places.

So how does remote I/O technology work? Well, I/O modules provide a method for transferring information between multiple internal storage devices. The purpose is to create a solid communication link that resolves the differences between the central computer and each device. I/O module functions include:

  • Control and Timing
  • Device Communication
  • CPU Communication
  • Data Buffering
  • Error Detection

This streamlined method of wireless industrial communication provides many cost-saving and efficiency-building benefits including:

Safe For Many Industries

Wireless I/O modules are ideal for dangerous industrial environments including explosion-prone and underwater areas. I/O units don’t require special or complicated wiring, eliminating the need for analog sensors and reducing the cord sets required for sensors. That means money saved on inventory costs as well as added efficiency!

Increased Data Availability

Remote I/O module technology provides access to sensor-level data in difficult to reach areas. This ensures smoother operation of system components while streamlining device replacement and machine maintenance – again saving costs and improving efficiency.

Simplified Configuration and Monitoring

Quality I/O technology allows you to read and change device parameters using control system software. This means fast and custom configuration that saves you time and resources. This is especially important in consumer goods industries.

Efficient Device Replacement

Should device replacement be required, all you do is remotely adjust the sensor settings, and I/O data storage allows for automated parameter reassignment, also known as ADR. This allows you to get your new device up and running quickly and simply. More time savings and efficiency!

Enhanced Diagnostics

One of the greatest benefits to I/O technology is enhanced visibility into costly and dangerous errors. Users can see what the sensor is doing and how well it is performing at all times, thereby improving machine efficiency. You are able to quickly spot and identify a problem without shutting down the line or machine.

The benefits of remote I/O module technology are vast and centered around two important features: cost-savings and efficiency. If you have questions or would like to learn more about I/O modules, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.