General Purpose Industrial Pressure Transducers

For an industrial engineer, the prospect of having to shut down operations due to poor machine performance is worrisome, to say the very least. That’s why Kodiak is dedicated to supplying our customers with the most advanced, state-of-the-art engineering products on the market to make sure our customers are running their heavy-duty industrial applications at full capacity and with complete confidence in the performance of our products.

Whether your requirements are specific to the automotive, medical, transportation, or other modern industry, our team will help you find the exact solution you need for optimal flow and pressure control.

Introducing Our 2200 and 2600 Series Products

Our line of 2200 and 2600 series industrial pressure transducers from GEMS Sensors and Controls are designed for superior functionality and unparalleled industrial strength. Both lines are available in a wide variety of standard-sized pressure fittings and custom process fittings, as well as in a range of millivolt, voltage, and current output models, including:

  • Gauge Models
  • Absolute Models
  • Vacuum Models
  • Compound Pressure Models

While both series of industrial pressure transducer accommodated specials with innovative CVD-sensing technology, innovative process and level controls, ASIC (amplified units), and modular packaging, they differ in form and function. For example, the 2200 series is designed for ultimate precision, accuracy, and stability with a variety of enclosure options. The 2600 series is built with an all-welded, stainless-steel backend for a diverse range of packaging options, making it ideal for the most demanding submersible and industrial applications.

One of the most important factors in choosing a quality industrial pressure transducer lies in its capacity for electromagnetic compatibility. Both the 2200 and 2600 lines meet the requirement for CE marking of EN50081-2 for emissions, and EN50082-2 for susceptibility, according to test data.

To check out all of the process & level control products we offer, view our level instruments or process control product pages or contact us. We’d love to hear from you!