Kodiak’s Custom Engineering: Differential Pressure Assembly

Let’s say you need to measure differential pressure for a high temperature gas but the gas is way too hot for a differential pressure gauge to handle on it’s own. What can you do? A customer of ours asked us that very question and our technical support team was able to come up with a unique and cost effective solution. Allow us to introduce our most recent innovation – a differential pressure gauge assembled to two cooling towers:

We know what you’re thinking. Why did we use cooling towers instead of a diaphragm seal on each side? Isn’t that usually how you get the high temperature process away from the gauge to safely read the pressure? Yes, it sure is. However, when going the diaphragm seal route, you would actually have to take the differential pressure gauge and mount a diaphragm seal with capillary to each connection. So in the case of our assembly above, you would need two diaphragm seals and capillary assemblies filled with high temperature silicone on each side of the gauge – which can become quite costly.

In a more moderate and cost effective way, Kodiak’s technical support team suggested cooling the process before it got to the gauge. With this cooling tower approach, you can install the two towers in between the gauge and the process. The way these cooling towers are designed is to dissipate the heat allowing for media to cool at an acceptable level for the gauge to handle. This installation takes 10 minutes top – and a whole heck of a lot less expensive. No fillings needed, no strings attached.

If you’re in a similar situation with a unique application and/or looking for some technical support, give Kodiak a call. We promise to provide our expertise with cost efficient solutions.