Product Announcement: New Ashcroft OEM S1 Pressure Transducer

Ashcroft is excited to announce the release of the S1 pressure transducer. Get reliable pressure measurements with an economical new transducer for OEM applications. Ashcroft is excited to announce the release of the S1 pressure transducer. Specially made for mobile hydraulics, performance racing, agriculture and refrigeration applications, it’s a reliable solution for harsh environments.

The Ashcroft® S1 OEM pressure transducer incorporates Ashcroft’s proven CVD sensing technology to provide a cost effective transducer that provides superior performance. The S1 is a hydraulic pressure sensor designed to provide uncompromised performance especially for applications that see high shock, vibration and excessive pressure cycling. The S1 utilizes a high-performance ASIC and digital compensation to provide excellent temperature performance, while the thin film sensor enables long-term stability. An ideal choice for pressure measurement for mid to high volume applications.

Key Features:
  • Compact Design
  • All Stainless Steel sensor element
  • Polysilicon thin film sensor
  • Highly configurable, wide selection of pressure & electrical connectors, outputs, and pressure ranges

What Does It Mean? Ashcroft’s TruAccuracy™ specification is exclusively based on terminal point methodology instead of statistically derived schemes like ‘best fit straight line’. TruAccuracy™ means the Ashcroft S1 has standard span accuracy of ±1.00% with option to purchase as ±0.50% out of the box. Zero and span setting errors are already included in the standard ±1.00% or optional ±0.50% of span accuracy spec The S1 is ready to be installed with no additional calibration adjustments required. A unit from another manufacturer advertised as ±0.25% best fit straight line may actually be a ±1.25% to ±2.25% device. Using best fit straight line method, the accuracy spec does not include zero and span setting errors, which can be as much as ±1.00% each.

Check out this blog post By: Steve St. Hilaire, Product Marketing Leader where he dives into the features and specifications of this new pressure transducer so you can see if it’s the right fit for your process.

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