Product Feature: SSI Technologies Fluid-Trac™ Ultrasonic Level Sensor

When it comes to selecting a level sensor for an application, there are many options in the market to choose from.  For today’s feature, we’d like to highlight the Fluid-Trac™ Ultrasonic Level Sensor manufactured by SSI Technologies.  SSI describes its Fluid-Trac™ sensor as a liquid level sensor ideal for tanks or storage containers that have a depth/height of 32″ (or 24″ for gasoline). It uses ultrasonic technology to generate a high-frequency sound wave that measures the time of the echo to reflect off of the target and return to the sensor.  The distance from the sensor to the fluid is then calculated based on the speed of sound and the profile programmed into the sensor. The Fluid-Trac™ is highly durable and compatible with gasoline, diesel fuels, ethanol, oils, fresh water, sewage water, URED (AdBlue), and engine coolants.

Some Features Include:

  • Compact in size making it easier to install and replace compared to standard float designs
  • No moving parts because it uses ultrasonic technology to measure the fluid.  This eliminates the chance of clogging or sticking of floats causing false readings
  • Works great in mobile applications and is calibrated to calculate accurately even when sloshing is present
  • Can be customized for the customer’s application
  • Low in cost

A bonus feature we haven’t mentioned yet is that the Fluid-Trac™ is actually part of a family of level sensors. There are four options to choose from which include two-wire, three-wire resistive output, three-wire voltage output, and focus tube application models. SSI does a great job explaining the difference between the units on their website so we’ve listed it here for you:


  • The Fluid-Trac™ 2-Wire liquid level sensors are non-contact sensors that can be used as a more reliable and accurate replacement for standard 30-240 ohm resistive float sender, reed-switch tube sensors or capacitive tube senders.  They are commonly used to work with fuel gauges.

Three-Wire Resistive Output

  • The Fluid-Trac™ 3-Wire Resistive Output liquid level sensors can be factory programmed to have a resistive output in the range of 8 to 320 ohms. They allow direct replacement of 33-240 ohm float senders or 10-180 ohm float senders.

Three-Wire Voltage Output

  • The Fluid-Trac™ 3-Wire ultrasonic level sensor is a non-contact liquid level sensor that offers a wide variety of input and output options which enables it to interface with many different microprocessor-controlled fuel gauges or digital instrumentation.

Focus Tube Application

  • The Fluid-Trac™ Focus Tube Adaptor (FTA) is designed to be mated to the SSI Technologies Fluid-Trac unit with five bolt mounting specification. FTA will fit on tanks with SAE J1810 bolt pattern.

Overall, we like the SSI Fluid-Trac™ sensor because it’s a durable and reliable product with extremely competitive pricing.  It is also backed by a trusted brand – SSI Technologies – who pride themselves on providing products that exceed expectations for quality, performance, and value.  If you would like some additional information on the SSI Fluid-Trac™ level sensor or have a question about another product or service we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.