UniCloud: The Complete, No-Code IIoT Cloud Platform Designed for Unitronics PLCs

UniCloud by Unitronics

Unitronics has come out with their very own cloud platform called UniCloud.  With no Cloud expertise needed by users, UniCloud is said to be a smooth, pain-free entry into the world of IIoT.  Designed for OEMs and machine builders, this new platform was made to help users work more efficiently on a scalable and secure platform.  UniCloud allows users to build customized dashboards, harvest, analyze, and leverage PLC application data to boost efficiency, trouble-shoot problems, and implement preventative maintenance.  Some additional key benefits include:

Setup in 30 Minutes – No Code Development

Unitronics UniCloud 30 Minutes Setup

  • Setup and commission your system via a simple drag & drop interface
  • Build & customize your own dashboards in a fast and easy way using UniCloud’s Wizards
  • Fully and seamlessly integrate with all Unitronics PLCs
  • No-code means no need for programming, IT knowledge, or Cloud expertise
  • UniCloud has built-in cloud infrastructure, interfaces, and functionality
  • SaaS Platform —no need to install software components, database management services, or hardware

Fast Commissioning & Raise Efficiency

Unitronics UniCloud Features

  • Create, assign roles, and personalize multi-lingual dashboards
  • Fully customize branding via logo and colors
  • Access, monitor, and trouble-shoot machines securely from anywhere
  • Manage operational data for performance analysis
  • Determine KPI’s using centralized and aggregated data
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Predict failures and minimize unplanned slowdowns and shutdowns
  • Generate revenue: analyze data to locate sales opportunities for complementary products, consumables, and services

Extend Your Reach:

  • Utilize the built-in BI functionality to compare machine performance in a selected geography or by specific customer
  • Centralize management of your machines, PLCs, customers, distributors, and employees
  • Assign permissions and dashboards based on your business needs
  • Control machines and data flow centrally

UniCloud can be integrated with any of Unitronics’ PLCs – meaning if you have one already, you can still integrate the platform without having to buy a new PLC.  However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one PLC with the UniCloud built in already, Unitronics has come out with a new UniStream ‘Cloud’ series.  It’s a PLC series with built-in, no-cost cloud services. The UniStream Cloud PLC comes with an embedded start-up subscription at no extra charge and no monthly subscription fee. You simply connect the PLC to UniCloud, design a no-code dashboard aided by the built-in setup assistant, and go live. If you’d like additional information on the UniStream Cloud series or want to know more about UniCloud in general, reach out to one of our technical specialists. We’d love to help!