Unistream®5: The Next Generation of PLCs

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since the first programmable logic controller was developed for the automobile industry. New innovations are ever evolving and we are happy to introduce the latest addition of UniStream® HMI/PLCs to our collection.  The Unistream®5 , a smaller 5″ version, is now available along with the 15.6”, 10.4”, and 7” versions. If you’re looking to upgrade your current PLC or want to purchase one for the first time, our team at Kodiak is happy to answer any questions and help you choose the products that will allow you to streamline your manufacturing and other processes.

Impressive Features:

The UniStream® 5” incorporates all the functionalities of UNILOGIC software and boasts innovative features including:

  • Variety of distributed I/O modules
  • Auto-tune PID
  • Data logging via data tables and sampling
  • Log, backup, and clone with Micro SD cars
  • Video and audio files (available on the Pro version)
  • High-quality touchscreen for ease of use
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Image library

The UniStream® 5” also includes diverse communication capabilities including remote access, Ethernet, send e-mail function, SMS messaging, remote access via VNC, and many more. Web server, SQL client, and video +RTSP are also available on the Pro version.

With capabilities to install up to 2,048 I/O points, ladder memory of 1 MB, and the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -20° C to 55° C, this is a versatile unit that will provide the functionality, durability, and ease of use you require.

To learn more about the new UniStream® 5 or to view the other programmable logic controllers & HMI’s we offer, check out our products page and send us a quote request. We’d love to hear from you.