Why You Should Prefer Unitronics

For companies with busy and cramped product lines, there is always a drive to improve their technology. By using better, more efficient equipment, manufacturers can keep up with increasing demands and improve conditions inside their facility. At Kodiak, we offer a selection of Unitronics terminals and programmable logic controllers (PLC). These high-quality products are among the most sought-after pieces of equipment in the industry.

An All-in-One PLC with HMI

With a compact, all-in-one integrated operator interface, this product provides the benefits of a single operating panel and PLC controller with less wiring needed. Unitronics PLCs feature an integrated Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with easy-to-understand and use digital screens.

Four Major Product Lines

Companies can pick and choose from a diverse selection of PLC product lines. Each offers features dedicated to meeting specific needs from the simple and traditional industrial i/o to cutting-edge customized designs. Our PLCs are also available with a wide variety of screen sizes and capabilities.

Faster, More Powerful Software

Included with your equipment, at no extra charge, is an all-in-one programming environment and utilities suite. Configure communication and hardware, and Ladder and HMI applications inside of intuitive, easy to understand software. Unitronics has also developed software to support IoT and Industry 4.0 applications.

An Award-Winning Company

In the 30+ years that Unitronics has served as an international provider of manufacturing controls, they’ve been recognized with numerous awards. For five years running, Unitronics received the “Engineer’s Choice Award” from Control Engineering. The company also received a “Best Practices Award” from Frost & Sullivan in 2016, and a “Golden Mousetrap” Award in the same year.

As an industry leader ourselves, Kodiak Controls is pleased to be a provider of Unitronics products.  For more information, please contact us. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to schedule a free consultation with our experts.