Knick BasicLine BL590/591 Universal Transducer

The Transducers BL590 and BL591 are part of Knick’s BasicLine product series. They are designed to measure currents and voltages in applications with up to 500 V. Short circuit recognition, monitoring and control of motors, recognition of DC-link voltage or battery current/voltage are some use case examples. The input is galvanically isolated from output and auxiliary power. The housing can be quickly snapped on a DIN-Rail. The products come with 10 selectable input ranges and unipolar as well as bipolar output signals. The device automatically calibrates itself after switching input or output ranges.

Data Sheet



Knick Interface


BL590, BL591

Communication Type

Signal Isolator

Input Type

10 switchable input ranges 30 … 1000 mV DC, 10 switchable input ranges 50 … 500 V DC

Working Voltage

24 V DC ±15 %, 100 … 230 V AC ±10%, 45 Hz to 65 Hz

Input Power

100-230 VAC, 24 VDC

Housing Size

17.5 mm, 6mm