Kobold DON Flow Meter

Kobold® type DON oval gear flowmeters are categorized as positive displacement flow technology. When liquid flows through this type of positive displacement flowmeter, two oval geared rotors measure a constant volume per rotation within a precisely machined measuring chamber. With each rotation, a constant volume of liquid is measured. The rotation of the oval gears is sensed via magnets embedded within the rotors. These magnets transmit a high resolution pulse output. The output signal can be processed externally via a remote display controller or LC or via a variety of output/display options available as accessories attached to the flowmeters.

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Additional information



Moving or Non-Moving Parts

Moving Parts

Media Type

Viscous Liquid (Oils, Syrups, etc.)

Connection Size

1/8 – 3/4, 1 – 1 1/2, 2 – 3, 4+

Connection Type

Threaded, Flanged


Positive Displacement

Body Material

Aluminum, Brass/Bronze, Stainless Steel

Display Option

Digital, Mechanical, None


4/20mA, None, Pulse/Frequency

Switch Option



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