Kobold MIM Small Inline Stainless Steel Magnetic Flow Meter for Liquids

The new MIM electromagnetic flowmeter measures and monitors small to medium sized flow of conductive liquids in pipes. According to Faraday’s Law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. The electrically conductive measured media acts as the conductor. The voltage induced in the measured media is proportional to the flow velocity and is therefore a value for the volumetric flow. The induced voltage is detected by two sensing electrodes which are in contact with the measuring media and sent to an integrated amplifier. The flow rate will be calculated based on the cross sectional area of the pipe. The measurement does not depend on the process liquid and its properties such as density, viscosity and temperature. The two outputs can be independently set to switch, or provide an analog or frequency output. A batching function can also be selected, where output 1 is set to switch as NPN/PNP/PP and output 2 is set as the control input.

Data Sheet





Media Type

Conductive Liquids

Connection Size

1" NPT Female, 1/2" NPT Female, 2" NPT Female, 3/4" NPT Female

Connection Type



Variable Area

Body Material

Stainless Steel