Gems FS-400 Flow Switch

Gems® type FS-400 switches are general purpose, 90° flow path switches. They provide accurate flow detection in water and oil with 1% repeatability. Flow settings on the adjustable version can be easily changed without disassembly. A shuttle bypass vane inside the housing is controlled externally using an ordinary flat-blade screwdriver. These switches are ruggedly constructed of non-corrosive materials and resist shock and vibration. Suitable for triggering alarms on interlocking shutdown circuitry when flow rate is improper to protect bearings, gears, and cooling systems.

Data Sheet

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Item Type

Hazardous Location, Industrial, OEM

Media Type

Viscous Liquid (Oils, Syrups, etc.), Water (Clean) or Similar Liquids

Connection Size

1/8 – 3/4



Body Material


Switch Type


Setpoint Type

Adjustable, Fixed