Gems FS-480 Flow Switch

Gems® type FS-480 switches are stainless steel flow switches for large flow and low pressure drop. They are 25% larger than their FS-380 siblings and ideal for processes that push more fluid through their systems and demand low pressure drops. Designed to accommodate the semiconductor industry's move to larger 300mm wafer & cross-over equipment, this switch is also perfect for critical medical equipment applications. A glass-reinforced PPS piston and forged 316 stainless steel body make this sensor rugged enough for high pressure lubrication and cooling systems as well. This simple, yet meticulously perfected design provides the reliability required in critical applications while allowing for much lower pressure drop rates than other switches.

Data Sheet

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Item Type


Media Type

Corrosive Chemicals, Water (Clean) or Similar Liquids

Connection Size

1/8 – 3/4



Body Material

Stainless Steel

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