Custom Engineering

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Custom Designed Products

At Kodiak, if you don’t find the specific product you need on our website or elsewhere, our team of technical specialists is equipped to design and produce customized instrumentation, fittings, or valves tailored to your unique application. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll work closely with you to create the solution you require

Application Specific Assemblies

At Kodiak, recognizing that not all applications adhere strictly to standard specifications, we offer diverse methods to isolate instruments from challenging conditions like high temperatures, pulsations, and corrosive media. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to assemble multiple instruments on a single diaphragm seal, manifolds, or as per our customers’ specific requirements.

Products Consolidation

Kodiak and Gems® collaborate in providing customized solutions for saving space and streamlining installation time. Kodiak offers tailored manifolds accommodating multiple instruments, while Gems® specializes in manufacturing integrated valve and manifold assemblies, utilizing various materials to meet diverse fluidic system requirements. Visit our OEM Manifolds page for further information.

Manifold Assembly

Gems manifold assemblies offer features you require, in a compact package, at a competitive price. Integrated manifold assemblies provide:

  • Simplified fluidic systems
  • Decreased number or potential leak paths
  • Reduction in the amount of mounting hardware
  • Reduced quantity of fittings and tubing via common passages
  • Compact package
  • Design opportunity for multiple valve configurations to handle complex and precise flow control
  • Reduced labor content required by OEMs
  • Easy valve maintenance or replacement

Fluidic Systems

Purchasing a complete fluidic system through Gems eliminates the time and effort of multiple purchase orders and reduces receiving, inspect, and coordination of different parts down to a single assembly. Advantages include:

  • Receiving a complete 100% tested system that can be installed directly into your end product
  • Reducing the number of suppliers required
  • Decreasing the assembly of numerous third-party parts
  • Minimizing the number of potential leak points by eliminating tubing and fitting
  • Reducing multiple components into a smaller and simplified final system

Gems experts can integrate:

  • Multiple valve types, including 3rd party manufacturers, into one assembly
  • Numerous tube and pipe fittings
  • Various electrical terminations
  • Sensors/Switches/Gauges (including pressure switches, transducers, and gauges, fluid flow sensors, fluid level sensors, and temperature switches or transducers)
  • Inline media filters
  • Heaters and thermistors

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Kodiak offers custom engineering services which include custom designed products, application specific assemblies, product consolidation, and private labeling.