Integrated Supply

Kodiak offers integrated supply solutions for customers looking to consolidate vendors and manage inventory cost in today’s highly competitive market.
Benefits and features of Kodiak’s program:

Single Source

If you’re looking to consolidate vendors or manage inventory costs, let Kodiak help. As a single source distributor, we are able to provide our customers with competitive pricing, industrial knowledge, and a variety of high quality products from multiple manufacturers.

Personalized Packing Slips

Prefer to have your letterhead on the packing slip when shipping our product to your customer? No problem. Kodiak is happy to accommodate by using your personalized packing slips. All you need to do is provide us with the paperwork and we’ll make it happen.

Faster Delivery

Looking for a quicker turnaround time on an order? You came to the right place. Kodiak has the ability to stock your frequently purchased items at our local warehouse for faster delivery.

Dedicated Inventory

Kodiak understands that every business has different needs or product offerings. That’s why we will gladly keep a dedicated inventory specifically for your company on our shelves. Even if those products are outside our normal offerings, Kodiak has got you covered.

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Kodiak offers custom engineering services which include custom designed products, application specific assemblies, product consolidation, and private labeling.