Lovato SM1RT Series Thermomagnetic Circuit Breakers

The new SM1RTs cover a current range from 0.1A to 25A, have a very high breaking capacity, up to 100kA, and are cULus certified.

The advantages of using thermomagnetic circuit breakers SM1RT compared of the traditional modular circuit breakers are considerable:

  • There is an accurate overload protection thanks to the adjustable thermal trip threshold and the thermal compensation.
  • The tripping due to the overload current is not affected by the ambient temperature of the installation and is therefore perfectly proportional to the current.
  • With SM1RT, in case of protections trip, it is possible to recognize the type of fault thanks to the TRIP position of the lever which indicates the overload or the red flag which indicates the short circuit.
  • The control lever can be padlocked in the OFF position.

Data Sheet