Gefran G-Start Single/Three phase motor starter


The Gefran G-Start motor starter is a device compact (width 22.5mm) for DIN bar coupling, for the functional start/stop command and selection of the gear rotation of asynchronous motors up to 500Vac- with a power not exceeding 3kW – 7A.

• Motor control up to 500Vac – 7A – 3 kW (3 product versions)
• Single-phase and Three-phase motor control
• PL e and SIL 3 certified
• Start/stop function
• Reverse rotation function (optional and available only for three-phase motors)
• Motor overload protection
• Phase absence protection
• 4 digital controls 24Vdc alarm relay output
• 2 digital outputs for motor running signaling
• Automatic or manual alarm reset (settable)
• Selection of nominal motor current with frontselector
• Module coupling to DIN bar

Data Sheet