Kobold MAN-SC/-LC Series Digital Pressure Gauge

The KOBOLD MAN-SC and MAN-LC are the first electronic digital pressure gauges worldwide to be offered with IO-Link. They offer a variety of features, such as: two configurable outputs, a five digit, backlit LCD Display that rotates in 90 degree increments, and touch-key programming. Also unique to the MAN-SC and MAN-LC is the integral ability of the pressure gauge to calculate Force Value, which is easily accessible from the programming menu. The MAN-LC is 24 VDC powered while the MAN-SC is powered by a battery. The configurable outputs can be arbitrarily programmed as desired by the end user. Analog and frequency, plus alarm outputs, are standard. An optional pluggable relay module with two potential-free SPDT contacts is available factory assembled or as a retrofit kit. A variety of flanged, diaphragm, and hygienic seal process connections are also available. The MAN-SC/LC offer an impressive range of measuring units, including: PSI, kPa, MPa, bar, mbar, and many more. Peak memory is featured, as is password protection, and there is also a reset to factory option. A zero (tare) function is also easily accessible from the menu for easy calibration. A rubber protection cover is now also available, ideal for test engineers and installations where the pressure gauge may be vulnerable.

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