KS 94 Temperature Controller with Cascade Control

The KS 94 single loop controller is configurable for ON/OFF control, PID control and motorised valve control. The output function can be configured for ?/Y/Off, position control, split-range control, and numerous 3-point combinations of switching/continuous control.

Control modes are set-point, set-point/cascade, and programmer, each with the possibility of setpoint offset. The effect of offset can be additive e.g. reduced standby set-point or as a factor e.g. O2 correction or split load. Offset can be triggered by an external contact, whereby the value is defined via an analog signal or via an adjustable parameter.

Data Sheet


West Control Solutions


KS 94

Din Size


Dimensions and Size

96m x 96mm x 160mm (HxWxD), 1/4 DIN


Flat pin or screw terminals

Primary Input Type

Universal (TC, RTD, DC linear mA/mV)

Other Inputs

External setpoint, Ratio input, Three component input, Potentiometer input

Output Type

Relay, Current/logic output

Max. Number of Outputs:


Scan Time:

200 ms

Number of Programmer Segments:

3 Programs x 20 Segments

Control Type:

ON/OFF, PID-2-point, 3-point and 3-point stepping and continuous control

Power Supply:

24 VAC / DC, 90-250 VAC


TTL, RS422 & RS485, Profibus-DP, Interbus

Panel Sealing:




Software Tools:

Engineering Tool ET/KS 94, Simulation Tool SIM/KS 94