ATC Diversified Electronics MAR Series Motor Auto-Restart Relay

The MAR Series provides automatic restart to a motor. This unit is designed to bypass the start switch to re-energize the M1 starter coil following a momentary drop or interruption of the control voltage. When the control voltage drops below the under-voltage trip point and the motor is running, the under-voltage delay be¬gins. If the control voltage returns above the restart voltage point before the under-voltage delay expires, the adjustable restart delay begins. Upon expiration of the restart delay, the internal relay energizes for the duration of the output interval providing a restart. If the control voltage remains for longer than the under-voltage time delay or the motor was not initially running when the control voltage failed, the unit will not restart the motor after the restoration of power. Instead, a manual restart is required. This relay distinguishes between control voltage failures and stops pushbutton operations. A stop pushbutton operation de-energizes the output relay and terminates the timing sequences preventing an automatic restart.


  • Monitors 120 vac 50/60hz control voltage.
  • SPDT Output Relay, Pilot Duty B150, 360VA 10 amps @ 120 vac resistive.
  • 8 pin and 11 pin plug-in models.
  • Adjustable under-voltage and restart delay settings.
  • Operating temperature of 0 deg C to 55 deg C
  • Panel Mount Bracket A (100054330) can/should be used for the Style A Housing

Data Sheet