Kodiak 4″ & 6″ Sewur Plug

The Sewur™ Universal Sewur Plug is designed to work in most standard 4″ or 6″ cleanout tees with a riser pipe. Its heavy-duty flexible bladder, which is attached to a solid upper body with SS lifting ring, is filled with water on site. The Sewur™ Plug is lowered through the riser pipe until the sealing member rests on the bottom and conforms to the interior surface of the tee. Slight variations in the degree of sealing will occur depending on the shape of the interior cavity of the tee but 90% closure can be expected and 100% closure with the inclusion of solids in the line. Ideally, the plug should be located in lines where solids are present. Standard 4″ or 6″ Cleanout T’s can be used.

A heavy hook with a 3/4″ FNPT fitting is included with each Sewur™ Plug . Simply attach a length of 3/4″ pipe (customer supplied) to the hook assembly to use to lower the Sewur™ Plug into the cleanout. For ease of removal it is suggested to put a standard PVC 3/4″ tee fitting on the opposite end to create a handle to lower and raise the plug. The hook can be removed after the plug is installed. If left in place attached to the plug’s lifting ring, access can be blocked using a padlock ready plug on top of the riser pipe. Padlock ready plugs designed for use on the end of riser pipes with interior diameter ranges of 3.65″ to 4.38″ and 5.77″ to 6.08.”

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Benefits of the Sewur™ Plug:
-Reduce raw sewage backflow into building/residence during flood or flushing
-Disconnect service to delinquent accounts
-No digging required. Installs through existing 4" & 6" cleanout riser
-Fast, easy installation
-Unit restricts flow by approximately 90% and expect 100% with
inclusion of solids in the line
-Fill Universal Sewur™ Plug with water and lower down the 4" or 6"
-Hook kit included to lift and lower Sewur™ Plug to disconnect and
reconnect service

Kodiak 4" & 6" Sewur Plug Data