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  • Noshok 2603/2703/2604/2704 Manifold Valve

    Noshok® type 2603, 2703, 2604, & 2704 valves are 2 valve narrow block & bleed, hard seat & soft tip valves. They combine isolating and venting in a single valve, eliminating the need for tubing and fittings. The 2603 & 2604 series are hard seat valves with 10,000psi rating at 200°F, while the 2703 & 2704 series are soft tip valves with 6000psi rating at 200°F. The 2703 & 2704 also feature a patented Delrin non-rotating soft tip stem, and a back up metal to metal seal.

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    Manufacturer Series Valve Number
    Noshok 2603/2703/2604/2704 2 Valve