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  • Ashcroft 500 Diaphragm Seal

    Ashcroft® series 500 and 501 large diaphragm seals are small enough to be used in compact spaces, but provide sufficient displacement to drive a wide variety of instrumentation. Their all-welded construction prevents possible process media leakage where fugitive emissions are a concern. They are commonly used for corrosive processes, processes with elevated temperatures, viscous process media, limited space, water treatment facilities, and where male connections are preferred.

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    Item Type Style Connection Wetted Material
    Industrial Welded Threaded Metallic
  • Noshok 500 Industrial Pressure Gauge

    Noshok® Series 400 (dry) & 500 (liquid) Stainless Steel pressure gauges are high quality gauges used for chemical processing, oil field and offshore applications, paper mills, agriculture plants, marine, water and wasterwater applications.

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    Dial Size Connection Mounting Case Material
    1.5"(40mm), 2.0"(50mm), 2.5"(63mm), 4.0"(100mm), 6.0"(160mm) 1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT, 1/2 NPT Lower, Back, Panel Mount Stainless Steel
  • Noshok 500 Pressure Switch

    Noshok® series 500 electronic mag-switches are commonly used for HVAC, hydraulics and pneumatics, pumps and compressors, stamping and forming presses, and transportation applications. They feature vacuum ranges through 0psig to 10,000psig, standard copper alloy wetted parts, and normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) switching functions. They are also CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI, and ESD.

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    Setpoint Type Deadband Connection Setpoint Ranges
    Adjustable Fixed 1/8 NPT, 1/4 NPT < 150 psi, 150-3000 psi, > 5000 psi, Vacuum
  • Noshok 500 Standard Needle Valve

    Noshok® type 500 standard soft seat needle valves have a blow-out proof stem that provides a secondary stem seal in the full open position and a replaceable Delrin seat and straight throught porting for bidirectional, high capacity flow and easy roddable cleaning. All stems are 316 stainless steel and all stem threads are rolled for strength and ease of operation. Other features include a one-piece bonnet with a metal-to-metal seal to the valve body below the bonnet threads and a slotted spring pin to prevent accidental loosening.

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    Item Type Seat Connection Size Body Material
    Standard Soft Seat 1/8-3/8, 1/2-3/4, 1-2 Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel