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  • Noshok 625 / 626 Pressure Transducer

    Noshok® series 625 & 626 pressure transmitters are intrinsically safe. The 625 has a stainless steel threaded connection, while the 626 has a 316 stainless steel flush diaphragm. A 626H is available with a Hastelloy flush diaphragm. They are commonly used for chemical processing, gas pressure measurement, oil field & offshore, mining, vapory recovery systems, and well head measurement.

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    Output Connection Accuracy Ranges
    4/20mA 1/4 NPT, 1/2 NPT, BSP, SAE 0.25% 10-200 inches H2O, 1-10 psi, 15-10000 psi, 15000+ psi, Vacuum or Compound