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  • Kobold DF Flow Meter

    Kobold® type DF paddle wheel flow meters are for low viscosity liquids. Their main feature is the incorporation of a multipole magnet ring embedded into the paddlewheel. As the paddle wheel rotates, the magnets, hermetically separated from the liquid media, induce a DC signal into a Hall-Effect sensor mounting on the device housing. Since the DC signal is proportional to paddlewheel rotation, an accurate flow rate reading is possible.

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    Moving or Non-Moving Parts Media Type Connection Size Technology
    Moving Parts Corrosive Chemicals, Water (Clean) or Similar Liquids 1/8 - 3/4, 1 - 1 1/2 Paddle Wheel
  • Warrick DF Liquid Level Controller

    Gems® type DF dual function controls are designed to control two independent level functions, one single-level control operation and one differential-level operation. An optional power outage feature resets after nuisance outages, and an optional reset button is used when device has been deactivated due to low water condition. This control is ideal in applications on boilers, food service equipment, and chemical delivery systems.

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    Manufacturer Series Controller Type
    Warrick DF Dual Function