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  • Kobold NV Level Switch

    Kobold® type NV is an economical, compact level switch for liquids. A cylindrical, stainless steel float is located at one end of a horizontal balance arm. The reed contact is factory set at normally open, but can be changed to normally closed by simply sliding the reed switch housing. The switch sensitivity is also adjustable to help minimize the effects of turbulence.

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    Item Type Moving or Non-Moving Parts Technology Body Material
    OEM Moving Parts Float Brass/Bronze, Stainless Steel
  • Nason NV Pressure Switch

    Nason® series NV vacuum pressure switches have a high-quality snap-action switch and a long-life elastomer diaphragm. They are factory preset or field adjustable, economical, and available in a wide range of configurations.

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    Setpoint Type Deadband Connection Setpoint Ranges
    Adjustable, Fixed Fixed 1/4 NPT, BSP, SAE, Other Vacuum