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  • Precision Digital PD6080/PD6081 Digital Meter

    Precision Digital® type PD6080 & PD6081 digital panel meters are Super Snooper Modbus Scanners. They are multi-purpose, easy to use scanners that can be programmed as Modbus RTU Masters, Slaves, or Snoopers. They are capable of scanning up to 16 process variables, which makes them ideal for multiple tank level monitoring and control. Plus, they combine two independently programmed analog inputs with powerful math functions. The ProVu® PD6080 is a decimal Modbus scanner model, while the ProVu®PD6081 is a feet & inches Modbus scanner model.

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    Power Type Input Signal Type Measurement Display Type Optional Relays/Outputs
    VAC Direct, VDC Direct Modbus Any Yes