Have a question about Kodiak Controls, our products, or the manufacturers we represent?
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What type of products does Kodiak Controls offer?

Kodiak is a wholesaler of a wide range of instrumentation and valves for industrial and OEM applications. We offer items ranging from pressure gauges and transducers, all the way to level indicators, switches, and customized engineered products specific to the customer’s application. Check out our Products section to browse the full catalog.

How does a pressure gauge work?

Check out our video on how a pressure gauge works or visit our videos page for additional tutorials on pressure and temperature instruments.

What if I don't see the product I need on your website or anywhere else?

Kodiak has the ability and means to design and produce customized instrumentation, fittings, or valves to fit a customer’s specific application and/or need. Just contact us and a technical specialist can work with you to make what you need.

What manufacturers does Kodiak represent?

In addition to our own Kodiak line of products, we also offer products from a wide variety of manufacturers including Ashcroft, Anfield, Gems, GIC Thermodynamics, GPI, Harwil, Kobold, McDaniel Controls, Nason, Noshok, Plast-o-matic, SSI Technologies, Tel-Tru, Weksler Glass Thermometer Corp, and Weksler Instruments. Please see our Manufacturers page for a full list of companies that we represent.

What if my application requires instrumentation from multiple manufacturers?

Not a problem. Through Kodiak’s relationships with multiple manufacturers and distributors, our warehousing capabilities, and general industrial knowledge, there is no limit to what we can provide our customers.

What if I am looking to 'Buy American' ?

Look no further. Kodiak Controls is a full supporter of “Buy American” which is why we offer a full line of instrumentation and valves that are made or assembled here in the U.S.A. Contact us for a full list of U.S.A. products.

What type of services does Kodiak Controls offer?

Kodiak specializes in a wide range of services from certification and mounting services to custom dials and private labeling. Visit our services page for more information.

Will Kodiak mount and service instruments that I purchased elsewhere?

You bet. Kodiak can apply a diaphram seal and capillary fill for both standard and specialty applications. Even if you didn’t purchase the seal or instrument from Kodiak, we will still fill and mount them for you.

Can Kodiak provide custom dials with color safety zones?

Absolutely. Kodiak can provide your custom dial pressure gauge with special ranges/scales, private labeling, custom logos, and unique colors. Visit our custom dials & private labeling page for more information.

What is the turnaround time on your certification and mounting services?

Kodiak offers expedited 1-day turnaround for NIST certification of pressure instruments.