Kodiak Controls

Founded in 1989, Kodiak Controls is a two generation Wholesale Distributor and Manufacturer’s Representative of pressure, temperature, flow, and level instrumentation. Kodiak has earned its reputation to service, to provide competitive pricing, and to maintain a strong relationship with our Sub Distributor and OEM customers across the USA and Internationally.

Quick, Effective Service & Knowledgeable Staff

We make it our top priority to discuss how we can better our company to provide the products, valued solutions, and the utmost serviceability to our customers. Whether it’s a technical question or needing assistance in selecting the best product for your application, we’ve got you covered.

We are able to fulfill virtually 100% of the applications we receive.

Kodiak also has our “Integrated Division” in which customers utilize Kodiak for all their product needs even if those products are outside of what Kodiak represents directly. Our serviceability and competitive prices allow our customers to utilize Kodiak as an integrated solution and avoid the hassle of multiple vendors and searching time.

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We strive to do everything right, while providing an atmosphere and work ethic
that revolve around three main principles:


Kodiak team - Honest


Kodiak Team - Loyal


Kodiak Team - Fun